Hope Chapel Veil

Hope Chapel Veil


This chapel veil is designed especially for young girls. It stands apart from the others with its complex stitch pattern and lacy trim.  It can be tied either under the chin or at the back of the neck. Your little girl can wear it for Mass without the distraction of it slipping off or getting lost. Don't be fooled by its delicate appearance - it's very sturdy.

This small chapel veil is also the perfect veil for active mothers.  It will stay put while you discreetly tend to the little ones during Mass - no fussing around trying to replace your veil once the baby has finally settled down.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Handwash
  • Wing span 23" 
  • Length 13"
  • Free Shipping

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all -

                                  Emily Dickinson