Charity Chapel Veil

Charity Chapel Veil


 A sweet chapel veil for the little ones.  The simple, but delicate repeating pattern makes this chapel veil very sturdy.  It can be tied either under the chin or at the back of the neck. Your little girl can wear it for Mass without the distraction of it slipping off or getting lost.

This small chapel veil is also the perfect veil for active mothers.  It will stay put while you discreetly tend to the little ones during Mass - no fussing around trying to replace your veil once the baby has finally settled down.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Handwash
  • Wing span 23" 
  • Length 13"
  • Free Shipping

Who think of charity as milky-eyed
Know not of God's great handmaid's terrible name,
Who comes in garments by the rainbow dyed,
And crowned and winged and charioted with flame.

For Truth and Justice ride abroad with her,
And Honour's trumpets peal before her face:
The high archangels stand and minister
When she doth sit within her holy place.

None knoweth in the depth nor in the height
What meaneth Charity, God's secret word,
But kiss her feet, and veil their burning sight
Before her naked heart, her naked sword.

~"Charity" by Theodore Maynard




Designed by Family Circle Easy Crochet Spring/Summer 2007