Why Buy Crochet?

Why Crochet?

Fancy meeting you here at our little corner of the internet!  Here at My Robin’s Nest, we sell handcrafted crochet items—mostly shawls, scarves, and mantillas.  Browse our gallery or the store to see pictures of beautiful crochet accompanied by bits of poetry, literature, and nature. 

Although some stores sell products made with more exotic fibers, My Robin’s Nest primarily uses 100% cotton thread (with the occasional mix).  We use cotton for several reasons: it is an economical fiber and it is easily washed.  This makes it the perfect fiber for the adventurous soul. 

What is crochet?

Imagine an individual sitting contentedly in a comfortable chair or at a favorite table.  She selects a single ball of fiber (cotton, mohair, alpaca, wool...the selection is endless).  Then, using a small hooked stick, she begins manipulating, twisting, turning, and looping that single string in a symphony of tiny hand movements until the string is shaped into the fabric she envisions. 

This is no ordinary fabric; it is “handmade” in the truest sense.  A story is crafted into the fabric: a missed stich that had to be taken out, countless therapy sessions with growing kids and drama; recitations of studies, maybe something drastic happened and the crochet went flying and the hook clattering to the ground, forgotten for the moment, all these memories go into the fabric of crochet. 

The finished piece is admired by everyone in the house who can be compelled to admire it before it is modeled, photographed, and safely stored. 

Why buy crochet?

My Robin’s Nest’s crochet items are handmade, made with natural fibers, and are functional.  If you or your family and friends are unfamiliar with crochet, congratulations, you have found a novelty item that can last for generations.  With a large selection of colors and patterns and styles, you can be sure of finding something that has that “I saw this and thought of....” moment. 

In addition to finding a one of a kind gift, by your purchase you support an individual who does not make a million and whose only reality show is her own family and assorted animals. 

Anything for sale in our store is personally loved by its creator.  Each piece has its own personality and story.  We’d be honored if you’d become part of the story.  My Robin’s Nest is preparing a special page for our customers to share their continuation of the story. 

So, yes, you could buy anything, but if you are ever looking for something that has a touch of the truly something special, please drop by the Nest where you’re always welcome.