Chaplet of Saint Therese

Chaplet of Saint Therese


"In a word, prayer is something noble, supernatural, which expands my soul and unites it to God."  -- St. Therese of Lisieux

Robin's Nest now offers the Crochet Chaplet of Saint Therese. It is lovingly crafted with pure and natural cotton thread which forms a delicate yet strong chain of beads. For this reason, the crochet chaplet is great for the bedside. Do you love to fall asleep saying your prayers?  This little chaplet won't break even if you hold it all night long.  Maybe you will want to keep it under your pillow! Maybe you want to carry it with you all day long. No worries - whether its in your purse or in your pocket- it won't break, pinch or bind. Did you forget to remove your chaplet from your pocket on laundry day?  No problem! The Crochet Saint Therese Chaplet is machine washable.

This little chaplet is also known as the Chaplet of the Glory Be.  In imitation of Saint Therese's little way, this chaplet is little and simple.  It can be said in just a few minutes. It starts with a prayer on the cross where you state your petition. You then proceed to the large bead and say a short prayer followed by twenty-four Glory Be prayers on the twenty-four small beads. You end the chaplet with a prayer on the triangle.

This Saint Therese Chaplet is excellent for the sick and elderly.  It can be held during MRI/X-Ray scans. It is also excellent for small children because it is soft and resilient. Children can pray with it or simply hold it for comfort.

This chaplet is available in pink and off-white. If you would like a custom color please message me.