Princess Purse (Adventuress Red)

Princess Purse (Adventuress Red)


"It's true," she said. "Sometimes I do pretend I am a princess. I pretend I am a princess, so that I can try and behave like one."  ~The Little Princess

For Sara (from The Little Princess), pretending to be a princess was not about fancy titles, pride, or wealth; being a princess meant having a good character and having fun! 

Ladies, did you play "princess" when you were smaller?  Indulge your playful side and nostalgia.  Or, maybe you know a little princess who would enjoy having one of these purses. 

Robin's Nest offers the new "Princess Purse" collection in an unique assortment of colors and trimmings (Acrylic "princess" button, glass/acrylic beads and tassels) and can be used as tiny mementos, jewelry, or gift bags for those especially special gifts (necklaces, rings, tiny perfume bottles, notes, etc...). 

Pick out the one that best suits your inner princess!

Unless otherwise noted, these purses include a removable chain--you can keep ours or attach a chain or ribbon of your own choice. 




Suggested Use

100% Cotton Thread

Acrylic "Princess" Button

Glass/Acrylic Beads

See Photo Approximately 2-2/12" gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or "just because"

If you'd like to make this purse yourself, purchase Little Amulet Bags by Kelly Robinson