Elsa's Sunshine

Elsa's Sunshine


In our old Book of Virtues there’s a story about a young girl who wishes to bring her grandmother a bit of southern sun.  In the innocence that lets all things be possible, she attempts to capture the sunbeams in her apron; however, the light is not to be caught.  Happily, the grandmother reveals that there is another light more precious found within Elsa’s eyes. 

This lovely shawl with its delicate pattern and light color will remind you while working those cramped and dark office hours or even while homebound during winter that somewhere the sun is shining. 


Materials Color Size Suggested Use
100% Cotton Yellow

Wingspan 80" x L 40"

Brightening Someone's Day




“Elsa did not understand how the sun could peep out of her eyes.  But she was glad to make her dear grandmother happy.  Every morning she played in the garden.  Then she ran to her grandmother’s room to carry the sunshine in her eyes and hair.” 

“Little Sunshine” Retold by Etta Austin Blaisdell and Mary Francis Blaisdell


If you'd like to make this shawl yourself, purchase Sara Kay Hartmann's book Poetic Crochet