Little Rose Chapel Cap in off white

Little Rose Chapel Cap in off white


Little Rose Chapel Cap is small and round.  Held in place by a bobbypin, it sits inconspicuously on top of your head.  It is available in many different colors.  Keep a Little Rose Chapel Cap in your purse so it is handy for daily Mass or for those impromptu visits to the Blessed Sacrament. 

Some families give a small chapel cap to their little girls until the girls are ready to care for a longer veil.  Whatever your preferences, the Little Rose Chapel Cap is never out of place.  

This item has a very special meaning to My Robin's Nest.  While perusing family photos, I came upon a photograph of my mother wearing a small, round chapel cap.  When I spoke with my mom about her chapel cap, she told a little story about forgetting her chapel cap and arriving at Mass empty-handed and bare-headed.  This was not an unusual event for the forgetful little girl would quickly be handed  a tissue or a handkerchief to place upon her head.  

Always be prepared with the Little Rose Chapel Cap!

- 9 inches diameter

- 100% cotton

- washable