Always There Rosary Pouch (Grey)

Always There Rosary Pouch (Grey)


Always There Rosary Pouch is not an ordinary rosary pouch.  You wear it like a necklace!  It's sturdy yet looks delicate. Do you have clothes without pockets?  This rosary pouch is perfect for you.  Pair it with casual or dressy outfits.  Always There Rosary Pouch keeps Our Lady's rosary near at hand and always in your thoughts. There are many times when we need to wait (at the doctors office, a bus stop, or picking up the kids).  Praying the rosary is the perfect way to fill the time.  No matter where you are, Always There Rosary Pouch will keep your rosary close to your heart and ready to pray. 

  • 100% cotton (excluding trim)
  • 3"  x  2"
  • 26" crochet chain
  • button fastener
  • fits a standard size rosary
  • rosary not included


The grace, then, that I ask of you

and dare demad of you,

most Holy Virgin,

is that I think of you always. . .

                             -St. Alphonsus